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Thai BBQ Grill


tomyang thai bbq grill

TomYang BBQ - The electric Thai BBQ grill and hot pot. Tabletop grill and fondue with ceramic coating.

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Thai BBQ Grill

Dinner parties can be boring, let’s face it. But they don’t have to be. This Thai BBQ Grill is a unique, surprising addition to make a dinner party something special. Your guests won’t have seen anything like it at a dinner party before, that’s for sure.

Grill and cook soup at the same time.
Easy cleaning, and dishwasher safe.
10 bamboo pliers and a big soup spoon provided along with recipes and a shopping list.

The Thai BBQ Grill is an excellent way to spice your dinner parties up. And who doesn’t love Thai food?  If you are a big Asian food lover, this is definitely for you. The device consists of a circular grill, with a hot pot surrounding. Cook the soup in the hot pot, let the juices from the grill drip down into the soup and make some excellent food.

Invite your friends over and sit around the grill, barbecuing all the meat and vegetables together. This is a very social way to have dinner, and makes sure that the hosts aren’t out in the kitchen leaving the guests on their own. This is definitely a conversation starter. It is also a fantastic gift for your party-hosting, food-loving friends.

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Last update was on: 24 June 2020 10:40
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