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T-Rex Bottle Opener


dinosaur t rex bottle opener

Suck UK Dinosaur Bottle Opener, Black

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T-Rex Bottle Opener

A good drink brings the party to life, and a good bottle opener brings the drink to life. And what about a bottle opener that can both rip off a bottle cap and cause a stir of excitement among the onlookers? Dear people, behold the King of Dinosaurs and the King of the Party. Bring on the drinks!

Jaws of death just perfect for tearing into a nice, cold bottle
Cast-iron body for that classic, hefty stomp
Evolved to attack only bottles – human safety assured

Opening a bottle with a cheap and cheerful plastic bottle opener just really ain’t that exciting. You know those people who can rip off a bottle cap with just their bare teeth? Now that’s freaking cool. What savagery!  What power! What brute, prehistoric strength! Although their little white gnashers probably don’t feel quite the same way about it all.

Save those pitiful human teeth (and the party) by calling in the professionals. And when it comes to savagely tearing things apart, who could be more professional and dazzling than the absolute ruler and monster of the prehistoric realm? With jaws of death and teeth of steel, this gargantuan reptile is more than suited for ripping off measly metal caps from the necks of victim- ahem, bottles.

dinosaur t-rex bottle opener-closeup

And while the T-Rex’s wild rampages are well suited for the jungle, thankfully he’s shrunk a bit from his prehistoric heydays and now can stand quite conveniently on a human table or counter, right where he’s needed the most. Made from cast-iron, he may be fun-sized these days but he’s still a pretty heavy and hefty individual who means business. Stand him on a convenient platform and offer him all the drinks you’ve got, and this gaping dinosaur will make short work of them all.

Don’t need a bottle opener right this second? The T-Rex bottle opener can also function conveniently as a bookend, or doorstop, or anything that could just do with a bit of brute dinosaur strength.

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Last update was on: 4 April 2020 02:02
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