Sunnyside Egg Fryer

sunnyside egg fryer

Sunnyside Egg Shaper

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Sunnyside Egg Fryer

Do your days start off dark and gloomy? Perhaps you’re a night shift worker, so you just never get to see the sun? Well, enjoy a little sunshine with your breakfast with this sunnyside egg fryer! Made of food grade silicon, this cute and cheery little sunshine and cloud shaped mould will be sure to chase the blues away! Enjoy your eggs sunny side up, or over-easy, either way this mould will let the sunshine in.

A few slices of toast shaped like smiley faces, some tomatoes carved in the shape of love hearts, some excitable puppies to share your dinner with, and you’ve got the best anti-depression medication money can’t buy! You’ll get a tan just looking at the plate, but make sure you wear some sunscreen! This sunny little egg mould will have you walkin’ on sunshine, and all your rainy days will be far away. Make a few, and you can have a whole plate full of sunshine.

Why not start every day off with the bang of this long-term controlled explosion of flammable gases that emits dangerous levels of radiation into our atmosphere. Fortunately this mould doesn’t require the real sun. Just an egg shaped like the sun, with a cloud, so you should be fine to eat it.

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