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Shark Attack Bowl


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Shark Attack Bowl by tg

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Shark Attack Bowl

So you think it’s safe to grab a handful of snacks from a bowl in the kitchen? Think again! There just might be a great white shark lurking about and ready to chomp…

Shaped like a cute but ferocious shark
Dishwasher and microwave safe
May inspire Jaws theme tune sing-alongs

Got a shark lover in the house? Or maybe a pirate themed party coming up? Just want some awesome and unique bowls to serve snacks in? Here’s a hungry shark come to lend a helping hand – er, mouth?

He looks pretty ferocious, but all he wants to do is hold food for you and your guests. Or does he? Just look at those teeth! You might think twice before sticking your hand in those gaping jaws to fish out a piece of popcorn. Or you might not. We’ll leave that up to you.

This awesome shark head is a perfectly safe and functioning bowl made of ceramic, and appropriately decorated with teeth, fins, and even some splashing waves for extra dramatic effect. He’s a pretty handy size, and will happily hold snacks, soup, cereal, last night’s leftovers, and whatever else you need a bowl for. What’s great about this cute wee Jaws wannabe is that he’s also fully microwaveable, so you can easily heat up whatever he’s holding in his mouth.

Even better, he’s dishwasher safe, so you don’t need to get too close to those teeth to scrub them. Just chuck him in with your other dishes once he needs a good clean and he’ll come out safe and sound.


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Last update was on: 25 February 2020 21:53

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