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Samurai Kitchen Knives

Samurai kitchen knife set

Samurai Kitchen Knives

Prepare to slice your food the Samurai way!
39.95 49.99

Samurai Kitchen Knives

Just like a Samurai warrior, every cook knows the value and beauty of a sharp, well-wrought blade. Here’s a set of knives worthy of the most action-packed kitchen!

Set of 4 different knives, each with it’s own sheath
Includes a sleek display stand
Add some ninja flavour to the kitchen

Samurai swords were once strictly limited to samurai class, with only specific members of society allowed to walk about with the deadly, curved blades on their hips. These swords developed into powerful symbols of strength and power, and as the katana craft progressed, they developed into things of beauty as well as efficient and powerful tools of war. Expert swordsmiths fine-tuned ever more perfect blades able to make incredibly precise and powerful cuts, rising to become some of the best swords that have ever existed.

Master chefs and wannabe kitchen ninjas alike will appreciate that sharpness and precision, recognising the difference a good knife makes in the kitchen. Who wants to slice onions or carve the turkey with a horribly blunt blade? With a nod to the fascinating Japanese katana legacy, this beautiful set of stainless steel kitchen knives brings that sharpness, precision and beauty into the everyday, practical setting of the kitchen.

The four knife set includes a chef’s knife, bread knife, utility knife and paring knife, to suit all the diverse needs of the kitchen ninja. The half-tang blades are completed with intricately designed handles, and each knife comes in it’s own individual red sheath to rest in when not in use. To top it all off and really give the kitchen that honoured dojo feel, the set comes with its own display stand so the knives can take pride of place right amongst all the intense cooking action.


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