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T&G Tuscany Salad Hands in Acacia

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Salad Hands

They may look like claws, but these edgy hand-held tools are actually brilliantly tactile serving implements for that incredible salad crowning the table.

Stunning, grained acacia wood
Be in full control over your fickle salad

A good salad can turn an average meal into a sumptuous and impressive buffet. On the flip side, salad can also turn the family feast into a messy affair, with tasty tomatoes and lettuce leaves flying all over the place as you try to transfer them from bowl to plate with a useless spoon or fidgety tongs.

It’s time to show that salad who’s the boss!

We have hands for a reason, so why not use them to directly grab those greens and dish them out to waiting, hungry mouths? Your parents may have told you not to play with your food, but we’re pretty sure they would change their minds if they saw these fabulous utensils.

The beautiful wooden tools are a stunning and sanitary extension of your own incredible hands, great for serving up salad. Made from lovely, durable acacia wood, they have that wonderful, naturally refined beauty will look great with virtually any other bit of tableware you own.


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