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Ravioli Rolling Pin


ravioli rolling pin

Beechwood ravioli rolling pin Cod. C4285

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Last update was on: 22 March 2020 22:56

Ravioli Rolling Pin

Are you struggling with basic cooking skills, but really need to impress the new lady in your life?

Perhaps you’re struggling to change your image from Bad Girl to Squeaky-Clean-Please-Meet-My-Parents Girl. A simple and easy solution is at hand! A few small changes to your kitchen Decor, and you’ll be saying Goodbye to the “I’ll call you” conversation, and Yes, Please to the “Will you do me the honour” speech.

Tricky-looking kitchen appliances go a long way in the quest to look like marriage material, and this World of Flavours Ravioli Rolling Pin is the perfect example of kitchen accessorizing. The authentic looking beechwood construction, complete with perfectly carved little pockets to turn out perfect ravioli squares, will mystify most men and garner the respect of potential mother-in-laws.

You don’t even need to ever use it, even after he’s safely tied down! Just arrive home ten minutes before your loving husband or in-laws arrive,  throw on a pot of store bought ravioli, and scatter the bench tops and yourself with flour and assorted ingredients, carefully placing the Ravioli Rolling pin centre stage. Slap your cheeks a few times to give yourself that ‘Stepford Wives’ rosy glow, and you’re ready to roll! Just make sure you carefully burn any ravioli packaging, or you’ll be discovered for the fraud you are.

Pair with a fondant rolling pin and decorative cupcake stand for extra points.


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Last update was on: 22 March 2020 22:56
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