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PlayStation Controller Mug

playstation controller mug

BigMouth Inc Game Over Mug

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PlayStation Controller Mug

Whether you like to drink potions and magical concoctions to help you level up or enjoy a solid black coffee for a morning wake-up call, keep that gamer mind in the virtual realm when you drink out of this seriously cool mug.

Two-handled mug for that genuine controller feel
Bottom reads “GAME OVER”
Comes in a decorative box

Are you unashamedly addicted to the gaming universe? Do you live to eat, sleep, game, repeat? Do you feel uncomfortable and anxious without the comforting and soothing presence of a  controller between your two gamer hands?

playstation controller mug in handsNow, even the most hard-core gamer has to recognise one basic truth: all human beings, including those of the gaming species,  have to refuel, and this harsh reality means leaving the virtual world for a moment and re-entering the normal, boring real world.

In fact, gamers know especially well how important it is to stay in good health and hold on to as many lives as possible if they want to progress anywhere. Which is why it’s ultra important that life essentials like tea and coffee are made available to the serious gamer.

But yuck, what gaming enthusiasts want to wrench themselves away from the exciting and enthralling virtual world to sip their life-giving liquids from something as drab as an unexciting white mug? Serious gamers should be entitled to a far more worthy drinking receptacle. Which is exactly what this mug is all about!

One firm grasp of this two-handled mug and any gamers worth their salt  – or points – will know immediately that it’s a winner. Could a mug actually look any more like a controller than this one does? Even its handles are shaped like controller handles, complete with buttons. Drink your coffee from it in the morning and put yourself ahead of all the competition.

And there’s even an amusing easter egg hidden inside: once the drink is finished, gamers will be able to see a pixelated GAME OVER message inscribed on the bottom of the mug. Now that is pretty awesome.

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Last update was on: 17 August 2022 02:38

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