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Sagaform 5016442 Pizza Scissors

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Pizza Scissors

If you’ve never heard of pizza scissors, you’ve never lived. These life-changing kitchen tools take all the hassle out of slicing up and serving your Italian fast food.

Stainless steel blades
Slice and serve in the same swift movement
Ideal gift for pizza fanatics

Savvy people have long used scissors for slicing up their pizzas. There are people out there who swear by the little round pizza cutter thing most ordinary mortals use, but those in the know shake their heads at such an idea. With a pizza cutter, not only do you need a solid, cutter-friendly surface to lay your pizza on, but you also need to fight with tough pizza bases, and at the end of it all, get that fresh slice to an anxiously awaiting plate. Either you use your fingers – and burn them – or you need to dirty another utensil just for the measly purpose of transferring a slice to a plate.

Then there are those who just attack their poor pizza with a blunt knife…. If you’ve ever been served a mangled slice of pizza and watched on with jealousy as half of your oozing cheese – and pepperoni – ended up on someone else’s portion, then let us tell you something, friend: you need some pizza scissors, mate.

Give us a pair of scissors over any other pizza slicing implement out there! These stainless steel tools snip effortlessly through even the toughest of pizza bases and toppings, and safely deposit the new slice onto the built-in ledge on the edge of the blades. So after you’ve snipped, you can carry that new pizza slice straight to your plate and deposit it safely! No burnt fingers, no extra mess.

Just give it a go! There’ll be no going back once you do…


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