Pi Theorem Whisky Glass

pi theorem glass

Pi Theorem Glass

Pi Theorem Rocks Glass

With the Pi Theorem Glass, you can derive satisfaction from the world’s most famous mathematical constant. The glass has the transcendental number etched around the circumference in quite a rational and pleasing way. Well, part of it. Unfortunately, in order to fit all 10 trillion or so digits, one might require a larger glass (and a lot more whisky to boot).

Believe it or not, the glass is also comprised of a perfect circle, and we think that Archimedes himself would be proud of the geometrical precision. But let’s not be irrational. Jokes aside, without Pi, this would look much the same as any other whisky rocker, but with the addition of Pi, a very quirky conversation piece is formulated; one that is perfect for mathematicians and computer scientists alike. Or, anyone who enjoys whisky, really.

Don’t worry about the durability of this particular circular-shaped object, for it is totally dishwasher safe, ensuring that your favorite, mathematically themed glass can be enjoyed on countless occasions without you having to suffer the indignity of washing it by hand. However, do be warned that the durability does not extend to drunken drops or throws, and if this course of action is taken, then you may indeed find a way to shatter the infinite series.

The Pi Theorem Rocks Glass is the perfect present for those who love numbers, and alcohol. To Pi!

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