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Perfect Drinkmaking Scales & App


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Perfect Drink Stainless Steel App Controlled Bartending System

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Perfect Drinkmaking Scales & App

A gin and tonic? Well what even goes in that? This will be you no longer with the Perfect Drink Maker. A combination of scales, cocktail shaker and app that will provide you with the recipe and instructions to make hundreds of cocktails at home.

Your own bartender, in your own home
You can’t go wrong! Create the perfect cocktail every time.
Hundreds of recipies – scales sync with an  app on your smartphone or tablet

“We should buy a bar.” Who hasn’t uttered those five words, whilst sitting amongst friends drinking? Well as fun as it may seem, boring tasks like working out gross profit margins, ordering straws and napkins and creating the rota all have to be dealt with, as well as having large amounts of money to throw away. Instead. stick with the fun aspects of bartending with perfect drinkmaking scales.

No need to balk at the price of a fancy cocktail, only to order a pint of the establishment’s cheapest lager. This set will allow you to become a master of hundreds of cocktails without having to memorise all the recipes, garnishes and mixing techniques, before you know it you’ll be just like Tom Cruise in that film… Top Gun.

Sync the scales your phone or tablet, choose which drink you want to make, and there you go. The app talks you through the whole process of making your perfect drink, just the way it should be.


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Last update was on: 4 April 2020 02:02
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