Panda Onigiri Rice Ball Maker


panda onigiri rice ball maker

Panda Onigiri set

Last update was on: 22 March 2020 22:56

Panda Onigiri Rice Ball Maker

The Japanese are pros at finding ways of making daily life mind-bogglingly adorable. This time it’s a gadget that will forever change boring packed lunches into delicious, smiley pandas of cuteness.

Lunchtime has just been revolutionised in the cutest way possible
Make perfect filled rice balls every time
Complete with seaweed punch for mass-producing that cheerful panda face

Japan is king when it comes to making cute things. The quality of cuteness, know as kawaii, is such a prominent aspect of Japanese pop culture that basically anything and everything is available in cute version somewhere. Why make something plain and boring when you could make it cute and fabulous? Good question! We heartily applaud this mentality.

Another thing the Japanese are rather good at is the bento box, that is, the incredible, intricate, and delish Japanese lunch box. And when kawaii culture merges with bento culture, there are truly magical results. Like this Panda Onigiri!

Imagine opening your lunch box and, instead of facing a mundane, soggy sandwich, finding a whole family of super cute rice pandas beaming up at you. We can hardly imagine a better lunch hour that this. In fact, it’s making our hearts melt and our mouths drool just thinking about it.

These adorable pandas are actually onigiri, or rice balls. The onigiri is a Japanese packed lunch staple, made from balls of sticky rice filled with yummy fillings and topped off perfectly with a delectable piece of seaweed. Anyone who has tried to make onigiri before will know that it can be a bit fiddly in the beginning, figuring out how to shape that delicious sticky rice around the precious filling inside. That’s why this rice ball maker includes a panda-shaped mould which easily creates perfect panda rice balls every time. Dish out a scoop of rice into the mould and shape it around the filling, then pat it out onto an even surface and marvel at the perfect little panda head that’s appeared. Great for beginners or pros alike. Of course, what makes a panda especially distinctive and endearing is its black and white markings, so the set also includes a seaweed punch for making the ears, eyes and smile to top off the onigiri panda. Super kawaii!!


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Last update was on: 22 March 2020 22:56

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