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Condiment Lab Flasks


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Lab Flasks - Oil and Vinegar

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Condiment Lab Flasks

You might actually use lab flasks, test tubes and the periodic table sensibly in daily life. Or perhaps you merely enjoy watching mad scientists giggling maniacally while conjuring up magical, bubbling concoctions on TV. Whatever your connection to these borosilicate beauties, let them now take pride of place on your kitchen and dinner table!

Two glass receptacles oozing sophisticated, scientific glory
Complete with stainless steel pourers for the perfect drizzle
Oil, vinegar and liquids of dubious chemical composition not included

Now, oil and vinegar may be the absolute kings of the condiment world. But just like honey, that other food of the gods, they are an absolute nightmare when spilled. Who wants olive oil drizzled on their brand spanking new white shirt? Or that special tablecloth stinking so powerfully of vinegar?

Nor does anyone want the wrong amount of vinegar or oil sloshed all over their delicate culinary creation. Imagine that lovely fancy salad, gone a bit too overpoweringly vinegary thanks to someone’s enthusiastic pouring of the bottle. Yuck.

And that is why some scientific precision and a bit of lab innovation comes in handy. Undesired liquids spilling about the laboratory would be rather catastrophic, and so scientists and lab technicians have become masters of precise quantities and keeping all chemicals and goods exactly where they should be, and nowhere else. Why not bring a bit of that sophisticated, practical and precise scientific thinking into the kitchen and dining room?

These borosilicate glass flasks come in a handy pair, so you can have your vinegar and oil, or whatever other condiments strike your fancy, always at hand. Topped with stainless steel pourers and a breather tube, they allow for just the right amount of flow for drizzling or shaking into your food. And because no one likes cleaning up oil or vinegar any more than they enjoy mopping up chemical spills, these practical little vessels are dishwasher safe for ultimate convenience.


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Last update was on: 21 February 2020 03:06

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