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Odour Removing Bar


Odour Removing Bar

Rub Away Odour Removing Bar - Stainless Steel Soap - by Amco

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Odour Removing Bar

The new and revolutionary Rub-Away Odour Removing Bar removes all strong odours from the skin, restoring your hands to a pristine, daisy fresh condition. With the power of Stainless Steel, you can scrub away all those smells, reducing the number of complaints, and restoring those friendships and relationships that are threatened by other people’s ignorance of fine foods.

How does it work?

Garlic contains smelly sulfur molecules. When cutting garlic, these molecules stick to your skin.
When you touch stainless steel, the molecules in the steel bind with the sulfur molecules on your hands,and transfer themselves, along with the smell, to the metal and off from your hands.

We know not everyone appreciates fine cuisine. There are those out there who do not understand the lure of multiple cloves of garlic, chopped onion in salads, pasta and ice-cream, or the refined Swedish haute cuisine speciality, Surströmming. Many foodies suffer from unappreciative friends and family members, and become tired of the insults that accompany their cooking. As most gourmands are nice people, they attempt to placate their associates by maintaining good oral hygiene, disinfecting the kitchen, and washing their hands.

Sometimes this isn’t enough though, and despite good, thorough hand washing, a fishy or oniony smell lingers on the hands, following you through your day, and prompting multiple complaints from those less cultured than yourself. There is a solution, and a remarkably simple one!

The Odour Removing Bar works because SCIENCE. – as explained by the well respected ‘scientists’ at Huffington Post above. Now you can cut onions and garlic all day, gut fish, and bathe in the fragrant aromas you love, while still maintaining happy friends and family, now that your hands no longer reek like a vampire-proof Swedish fishing trawler.

Grab an Odour Removing Bar today, or perhaps buy one as a tactful present for that fragrant friend of yours.  The smell removing Odour Bar has no efficacy against actual dirt or bacteria, and must be used after washing hands with normal soap for the best effect.


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Last update was on: 22 March 2020 22:56
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