Musical Wine Glasses

major scale musical wine glasses

Musical Wine Glasses
Play tunes on your wine glasses.
Musical Wine Glasses

Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses

Wine glass playing is almost a lost art these days, with kids becoming seduced away from this centuries-old tradition by modern digital replacements.

But no digital technology, no matter how sophisticated, can replace the beauty and warmth of live wine glass playing. And as wine glass playing becomes rarer, so too does it become difficult to find professional quality musical wine glasses to play. Which is why Too Rich are proud to present to you the Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses, in a set of two. After many years in research & development, we know these Musical Wine Glasses are set to change the way you play music, and we promise you’ll never look back!

You know that friend of yours that always brings out the guitar and woos all the girls with his ‘passionate’ rendition of Wonderwall? Well, imagine the damage you could do by upstaging him with these!

These quality wine glasses have been designed exclusively for use as instruments, and are constructed from the highest quality glass by specialist German Glass-makers They are then shipped to specialist Musical Wine Glass engravers in Reno, Nevada, who carefully calibrate each glass, sandblasting fill-lines to the exact level required to create the crystal-clear accuracy professional wine glass players demand.

Now, instead of spending hours using old fashioned trial and error to fill your instruments to the correct level for each note, you can quickly and easily fill each glass to the required level, and get started sooner. This revolutionary development will mean you can get to gigs, quickly set up, and play more gigs in one night than ever before! Professional wine glass players will never look back, with this set of quality instruments. Get your Musical Wine Glasses today, and make your dreams a reality!

Pro Tip: You will probably want more than two glasses if you do actually plan on playing real tunes with these.


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