Multi-Compartment Frying Pan

Masterpan Multi Compartment Frying Pan

Master Pan Divided Frying Pan for All-in-One Cooked Breakfast & More! 32x38cm

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Multi Compartment Frying Pan

Do you find cooking to be an unpleasant chore? Are you sick of having to wash multiple pots and pans after cooking a meal? Does meal preparation in your household make you feel like an underappreciated restaurant chef? Well you should try out this frying pan that has 5 different sections for cooking up to 5 different things at once!

Sunday morning full English breakfast for the American ???? 🙂

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If you ask us, the MasterPan 5-section frying pan should have been invented a lot sooner. For decades, people have been trying to please the whole family by cooking up different meals at the same time. This admirable task usually involves a ton of pans that need to be washed up later. With this clever pan, you can save energy (both your own, and electric or gas energy) by putting everyone’s order on at the same time.

The neatly divided compartments prevented food flavours from melding together. Use the spaces to cook eggs, pancakes, sausages, and bacon for breakfast. Keep vegetarian or vegan items safely separated – no more complaints about contamination! Just make sure to use different spatulas… Little sister doesn’t like bacon touching her asparagus? No problem! Later in the day, heat up burgers, veggies, beans, fish, potatoes, rice, or anything else that can be cooked on the stovetop. The two compartments on the left side of the pan even feature indented egg or pancake frying areas, just to make these tasks that tiny little bit easier.

This multi compartment frying pan is also safe for warming foods in the oven (up to 180°C). The heavy-gauge metal conducts heat evenly, so you won’t find any cold spots in your buffet. And the non-stick surface cleans up in a snap. The pan is so much fun to use that you may even find that you might even be able to convice other members of the household to do the cooking once in a while. It’s certainly worth a try.

Looking for something smaller? Check this out:

Masterpan 3 Series Pan with Ergonomic Handle, Black

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A cheaper alternative to the 5-sectioned pan is the 3-sectioned frying pan by Pendeford. With non-stick coating and a detachable handle, this multi compartment frying pan offers simultaneous multi-food cooking at a fraction of the cost of the bigger model.  Measuring 26cm across, it easily fits into your dishwasher – and of course, it is dishawasher safe as well.

Being the size of a normal frying pan, cooking temperature is distributed evenly through all 3 sections.


Need a multi-sectioned pot instead? How about this:

This saucepan comes with a 4-section divider to create 4 separate compartments in the pot. This is a great solution to boiling vegetables and more separately – sssuming you don’t mind the contents of each pot section cooking in the same water.


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