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Fred MUFFIN TOPS Cupcake Moulds

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Muffin Top Muffin Cases

Haters gonna hate, but those in the know realise that a good muffin top or spare tyre just gives you more to love. And when that means more cupcake to love (and eat), everyone wins!

Muffin tops have never been so desirable
Also rather useful for Minion-effect muffins
Safe and durable silicon rubber

Everyone knows the muffin top look, but have you ever seen as delicious -or adorable – a version as this? Look at that lovely cupcake mix just bulging out of the cute little denim moulds! These little cupcake holders are shaped like a pair of jeans, just waiting for the perfect filling to come along and make the perfect cupcake. Fill these wee jeans with whatever cake batter floats your boat, shove ‘em in the oven, and watch the batter rise as it cooks, bulging nicely right over that waistline. Yum!

The moulds are made of safe and strong silicone rubber, and come in a set of four so you can have a whole army of cute and scrumptious muffin tops displayed for all the hungry to enjoy.  Just the thing for the baker – and consumer – with a sense of humour.

These jeans are also rather reminiscent of certain loveable yellow beings that run around in denim looking for bananas to munch and evil masters to serve. Yes, Minions, we’re looking at you. Which makes these muffin cases great for adults and children alike. So get baking! It’s time to enjoy some yummy muffin tops.


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Last update was on: 22 March 2020 22:56

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