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Mini Personal Raclette


KitchenCraft "Master Class Artesa" Pan with Burner Stand, Black/Beige

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Mini Personal Raclette

For the cheese lover, Raclette is an absolutely mind-blowing meal. Not only is it based around consuming large amounts of mouth-watering melted cheese, but every person has their own little pan in which to melt exactly the kind and quantity of cheese they want. And now you can take your own Raclette kit with you wherever you go, and enjoy a delicious gourmet meal anywhere, anytime.

Perfect for gourmet one-person meals
No electricity or batteries required
Comes complete with spatula and tea lights

Cheese is life. This is perhaps the world’s greatest truth. And as such, a meal that centres around melted cheese is quite likely one of the best culinary inventions ever thought up by mankind – and it’s the Swiss we can thank for that. First it was fondue, and now the delicious concept of raclette has spread even to our land (and dinner tables) from that blessed Alpine country. Each person gets their own little pan in which to melt cheese according to personal taste and preference, and then pours that melted deliciousness over the  potatoes, meat, vegetables or whatever other food they have chosen to put on their plate. Raclette combines all the scrumptiousness of cheese and the freedom of  choice into one glorious, gourmet meal.

Now, traditional Raclette sets often verge on the large and bulky side, making them rather cumbersome if serving only one or two people, not to mention all the extra mess and washing up from a bigger grill surface. All that’s really needed for one person is one little pan and a heating element, so why have a whole massive set when a smaller one could do? This version is just the thing: featuring a single, sleek pan with a smooth mahogany handle, it is a set-up worthy of the gourmet nature of this classic Swiss dish.

The pan stand holds three tea candles, which heat up the pan and melt the cheese, just ready to pour over those piping hot potatoes and whatever other sides are desired. No batteries or electric power source is required, which means this sleek pan could be taken anywhere. Fancy some raclette while holidaying in a caravan? Want a luxury picnic on the beach? Take it with you when out and about or  simply enjoy a lovely, classy meal for one at home without bulky and power-guzzling appliances hogging the whole table.


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