Lego Drinking Bottle


lego square drinking bottle

Lego Drinking Bottle

Bring the fabulous, LEGO-inspired world of bricks into the real world with a drinking bottle that looks remarkably like those wonderful, knobbly little blocks.

Looks amazingly like a real stack of cheerful bricks
Holds 375 milliliters of liquid
Removable lid also shaped like a block

Once upon a time the wonderful world of brightly coloured, stackable building blocks was limited to tiny, thumb-sized figures with yellow cylindrical heads. But not anymore! The Lego-inspired universe is now available full-size for even us huge, lumbering humans to enjoy.

This awesome bottle is a prime example of the wonders of those Danish blocks. Just cast your eyes on this square drinking bottle. Doesn’t that stack of perfectly shaped blocks just set the mind at ease and set the world into an orderly universe just like it should be?

Made from polypropylene, the fun bottle is shaped like a tower of four bricks, featuring a removable top brick that acts as the lid. With a height of 19 centimetres and a capacity of 375 millilitres, it’s just the perfect size to complete a fun and delicious packed lunch.


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