Keyboard Cup Set


keyboard cup set 1

Keyboard Cup Set

Know someone who overworks their Ctrl Alt Del just a little too much? Give them a much needed breather and a soothing cup of tea. From a set of cups that look just like that famous combination!

Shaped like genuine Ctrl Alt Del keys
Set of 3 cups
Matching storage tray and coaster

The world of computers is fascinating and opens up all kinds of possibilities previously impossible for man. It’s also, at times, incredibly frustrating. Depending on your computer’s health and your IT luck, you may use a certain combination of Ctrl Alt Del just a tad more than is healthy… but never fear, the trusty cup of tea is here to make things right!

This set of tongue-in-cheek cups looks just like the iconic keys from your keyboard, especially when placed in a row on their own little matching tray. Since there are 3 cups in total, you can invite a few pals or colleagues over and discuss life – IT or otherwise – over a soothing drink.

And once you’re done, return the little black cups upside down to their tray and they’ll continue to ooze their IBM sophistication around the room.

What’s more, for more practical IT fun you can get the Motherboard Chopping Board to keep your Ctrl Alt Del cups company.

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