Fridge Stickers

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Fridge Stickers

If you ever get fed up with the term “white goods”, then here is a novel way to turn your fridge or freezer into a work of art.

Lets face the facts here – literally everyone else you know has a boring, white or occasionally silver fronted fridge. Why would you want one that looks exactly the same? Studies show that on average, you see your fridge about 36 times each day!* So why not make it look different?

It doesn’t matter how old your fridge is, Interior Stickers Fridge Stickers stick-on decals turn your kitchen into a bright and inspirational landscape, with designs ranging from flowers to ferns, birds to fruit plus candy stripes. They even come in laptop sticker sizes!

The standard Fridge Sticker decal size is 26″ wide and 78″ tall – 66 cm x 198 cm (suitable for fridge and freezer mounted one about the above or for a single combined vertical unit). Also available is what is sometimes referred to as an “American-style” fridge freezer unit size which is 47″ wide and again 78″ tall – 119 cm x 198 cm, and then there is the smaller laptop lid sized sticker at 16″ x 11″ (40.5 cm 28 cm) which fits all but the largest laptop lids.

This option is also sooo much cheaper than buying a designer fridge, it even covers scratches and damaged areas, and what’s more…. the stickers are removable enabling you to change your sticker style whenever you want – or when you move home and have to leave your fridge behind! If you’re really sad, you might even take the stickers with you to that villa you’re going to this summer in the Algarve…

*Completely made up fact… to be honest we have no idea how many times the average person sees their fridge, but we’re willing to bet that its a lot!


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