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Grammar Mug


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Dunoon Glencoe Fine China Educational ENGLISH GRAMMAR & PUNCTUATION Mug Cup 500ml

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Grammar Mug

Keep the grammar police away! This educational mug is packed with helpful grammar and punctuation hints.

Finest bone china mug
Ideal gift for language lovers (and haters)
Dishwasher and microwave safe

Can’t tell prepositions from proper nouns? If you’re having trouble keeping your English grammar and punctuation in order, then you need this mug! It features all the essential grammar explanations and rules, through beautifully drawn and illustrated hints. The whole outer surface, along with part of the inside of the mug, is covered in useful grammar help. And it’s not just grammar stuff: there are helpful hints for how to correctly use punctuation as well.

Useful tips include guidance on how to structure a sentence, and where and how to use punctuation such as semicolons and brackets. It also clearly shows the definitions of all those pesky grammar things you learn at school, you know, adverbs and pronouns and that kind of thing. Which makes it the perfect mug if you’ve got someone in the house studying for their English exams. Or if you’ve got a teacher in the house. Or anyone who speaks, or wants to speak, the English language. Which is a whole lot of people on this planet!

Made from fine bone china, this stunner of cup is a generous size, which makes it perfect for holding any language lover’s hot drink. It’s also dishwasher and microwave safe, like all the best mugs out there. Give it as a helpful gift (or cheeky hint) to that person who is always mixing up “your” and “you’re”. Or as a thank you present to a favourite teacher. Or as a funny gift for the grammar police in your life. Or keep it for yourself!


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Last update was on: 30 March 2020 17:13

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