Goldfish Sandwich Bags

Goldfish sandwich bags

Goldfish Sandwich Bags

Your lunch will be the talk of your school or boring workplace!

Even better, anyone who’s tempted to snag your bag will think twice before taking a bag that looks like it’s full of slimy fish. Because these printed bags are opaque, lunch lifters may end up with something they don’t even want!

On the other hand, the bag’s design allows you to surprise your loved ones each day when you pack their meal. They won’t know what they’re getting until they open the bag and peek inside! This is also the best way to reduce complaints by fussy eaters – they don’t know they’ve been given something they don’t like until they are far away from you!

If you don’t actually need bags for lunch, printed zipper-lock sandwich bags also make a great gift for anyone with a sense of humour. They’re tons of fun for adults and kids alike. Of course, plastic baggies are great for organising non-food items as well, but these are just too cool to hide away to gather dust in a box or drawer.

To be good to the environment and maximise your value, simply hand wash, rinse, air dry, and reuse these Goldfish Sandwich Bags. They’ll be good as new, so you can reuse them multiple times before you have to send them to piscine heaven (also known as the  bin).

Includes 20 sandwich bags.

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