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Element of Confusion Apron

Scientists have discovered a new element. This time it’s one the general public have known since, er, a long time ago… Science lovers will appreciate this humorous apron, perfect for the kitchen of any cook, confused or not.

Available in multiple colours and fabrics
High-quality polyester and cotton matterian
Machine washable

The periodic table is a thing of great beauty, but by no means is it complete yet. There are still elements to be discovered, and with each discovery we understand more of the nature and behaviour of our world around us. Which is why it’s great that scientists have discovered the crucial Element of Confusion, which will hopefully be found on future editions of the periodic table under the letter combination Er.

Ah, the element of confusion! That is why the cake was baked with salt instead of sugar, the roast was left raw on the kitchen counter while everything else burnt to a crisp in the oven, and the cook has been wandering around aimlessly for the past half hour. It’s all clear now. Thank you, science!

Now, the Element of Confusion does tend to cause accidents and mistakes when it reacts with other elements, especially in the kitchen. And that’s why this heavy-duty apron is perfectly machine washable and can just get chucked in the machine next time a little kitchen mishap occurs.


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Last update was on: 25 March 2020 02:00

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