Dapper Gentleman Sponge Holder


dapper gentleman sponge holder

Peleg Design Monkey Business Sponge Set

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Dapper Gentleman Sponge Holder

Dishwashing sponges soggy and out of control? This considerate wee gentleman is here to lend a most fashionable hand.

Sticks to any smooth surface
Adheres to the most excellent gentlemanly fashions
Starter sponge/bowtie included

Sponges are always falling all over the place. Pop one by the edge of the sink after doing a pile of dishes and next think you know it’s lying happily on the dirty floor. Or slipped into a bowl of particularly greasy dishwater just when you were about to to wash some delicate wine glasses. Not only that, but they drip soapy water all over the place, and if left on the side of the sink can end up sitting in a soggy puddle for hours.

And that is why Mr Sponge is a firm believer in that wise old saying “a place for everything and everything in its place”. This top-hatted and monocled little gentleman offers his most devoted attention to your kitchen, keeping those pesky sponges in their place. And in turn, he gets a smart bowtie to complete his fashionable ensemble, ensuring the bargain is a most admirable win-win for everyone!

This plastic gentleman features a strong suction cup so he can attach himself to any smooth surface. Wherever you want your sponge to stay put, he will be most delighted to be able to offer his services. Stick him to your kitchen tiles, the window, or inside the sink, or anywhere else that strikes your fancy.

And when your sponge is finished with its hard day’s work of scrubbing and cleaning, squeeze it out and pop it to dry firmly in place under Mr Sponge’s famous moustache. Mr Sponge himself, decked out in a most charming sponge bowtie of the most recent fashion, will radiate a calm and respectable air throughout the whole kitchen. That’s the ticket!


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Last update was on: 21 February 2020 03:06

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