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Cereal Killer Spoon


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Boston Creative Company Cereal Killer Spoon by Boston Creative company

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Cereal Killer Spoon

If you’ve ever wanted to be a harmless serial killer and wreak dastardly havoc at breakfast time, here’s your chance. Arm yourself with your favourite stainless steel weapon of choice and take on those unsuspecting corn flakes.

High quality kill- um, eating utensil
Fab and unique gift
Add some humour to the breakfast table

Mornings really aren’t the most exciting time of the day, and breakfasts can get a little boring when following the bog standard daily routine. Why not spice up the daily grind with a bit of thrill and suspense? Instead of grabbing a plain old, beaten spoon from cutlery drawer to thrust mechanically into that cold bowl of Weetabix, pull out THIS gleaming beauty.

Adorned with a lovingly intricate black engraving of a skull and crossbones, it’s clear to anyone around that here is a tool that means deadly business. And if that’s not enough to instil fear in any bystanders and potential victims, the no-nonsense text clearly proclaims to all that here indeed is a terrifying Cereal Killer. From now on, any cornflakes and coco pops in the vicinity may well cower and shudder every time they hear the ominous rumble of the cutlery drawing being opened…

This heavy duty eating utensil has been expertly crafted into a stainless spoon, with the amusing engraving imprinted using an industrial standard engraving machine. This means that this spoon is a long lasting tool that will successfully dispatch millions of cereal flakes to a better place, and cope splendidly with millions of washes to remove any evidence of its dastardly (and delicious) deeds. In fact, we’re pretty sure plenty of corn flakes were harmed in the making of this superb eating utensil, and the result is a highly efficient and slick tool for veteran and would-be cereal killers alike.


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Last update was on: 21 February 2020 03:05

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