Castle Cake Mould


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Silicone Mould Model: Knight's Castle - suitable for making Cakes and for making Jelly, Ice Cream A Great Surprise For Parties...

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Castle Cake Mould

The kitchen is a sacred space, the very hub of nourishing and inspiring creativity. And there’s nothing like a good tool to help that creativity take wings! Here is just such a tool, a very versatile and intricate castle cake mould.

For all your castle shaped culinary creations
Food grade silicone
Oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe

All the best creations out there look and taste stunning, feeding the soul and the stomach at the same time. The best artists out there know that it’s not just about creative genius but also the instruments used to produce the incredible end results.

So let us introduce you to the culinary creator’s new best friend: the silicone cake mould! Here is a versatile and tool worthy of the most sacred kitchen. Silicone moulds are substantially more practical than the rigid metal cake tins of the past: not only are they suitable for use in the oven, freezer and microwave, but they also bend and flex, making it super easy to release whatever they hold in one piece. They’re also naturally non-stick, and won’t lose that non-stick-iness over the years unlike coated metal pans. And they are even dishwasher proof, so you can chuck them in the machine at the end of the day.

This silicone mould has been crafted into an intricate castle shape, ready to produce a magical castle rivalling those of the most beloved fairy tales out there. A recipe for making a yummy castle cake is included, but cake mix is not the only material available out there for making delicious edible castles. This mould can also make a gigantic jelly, ice cream cake, or you could even fill it with water and freeze for an awe-inspiring ice castle of your own. A sure-fire way to start a Frozen sing-along of “Let it Gooooo”, even Elsa would be proud of the results.


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Last update was on: 27 March 2020 21:44

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