Carrot Sharpener & Peeler


Carrot Sharpener

Luckies of London Karoto Carrot Peeler and Curler

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Carrot Sharpener and Peeler

Everyone loves a good carrot, but good carrots can be hard to find, and preparing them appropriately is not easy either. You can slice, julienne, or chop, but it’s all been done so many times before, and you’d hate to be seen as derivative by your dinner guests. Enjoy a new twist on this old favourite with the Carrot Sharpener and Peeler!

Perfectly shaped to remove the correct amount of skin from your favourite orange vegetable, while whittling the end to a symmetrical and razor sharp point. Some users have managed to sharpen their carrots to the correct point required by Government Issue Vampire stakes, and report a high level of success in carrot stakings. Of course, carrots should only be used where traditional wooden stakes aren’t available, but may be used as an adequate backup in emergencies. The Carrot Sharpener and Peeler is also great for salad making; if you keep sharpening the carrot, decorative and paper thin slivers are made that go well with most garden vegetables.

Breathe new life into the humble carrot with this Carrot Sharpener and Peeler. Basically it’s just a giant pencil sharpener. But for carrots. Not tested or approved for use with Turnips, parsnips, or other root vegetables. Side effects may vary.


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Last update was on: 22 March 2020 22:56

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