BB-8 Mug

star wars bb-8 3d mug

Joy Toy "BB-8" 3D Ceramic Cup with Lid, Multi-Colour, 320 ml

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Star Wars BB-8 Mug

He’s cute and he knows it – and he’s also loyal to the core.  This BB-8 just wants to be your friend and serve you a cup of tea.

Multifunctional 3D model and mug
Exhibits all the cuteness of the droid himself
Comes with a lid to top it all off

There’s no denying that R2-D2 was the much-adored droid of his era. Who could not fall in love with his electronic bleeps and loyal personality as he manoevered faithfully around hyperspace delivering ultra-important information and messages to the rest of the motley, intergalactic crew?

There can never be enough droid love though, which is why it was tremendously exciting and satisfying when the first of the new Star Wars trilogy  brought the fandom another endearing robotic character. Yep, we bless the Star Wars creators for expanding the lovable droid world with the introduction of the incredibly cute fellow droid BB-8.

Looking a bit like a cross between a snowman and a gyroscope, the spherical robot usually rolls around the galaxies with his human friends Poe and Rey. But thankfully for us lowly inhabitants of planet Earth, this particular individual has come to grace us with his metallic loveliness right here in our own solar system.  Don’t miss the chance to sip a cup of tea out of the cutest droid out there!

Shaped like BB-8 himself with raised decorative features, this unique 3-D ceramic mug comes with a rounded lid to cap off the droid’s bobbly head and keep your cup of tea warm.

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Last update was on: 19 May 2022 14:37

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