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Banana Protector Case

You will never have to eat your lunch in shame again!

This bruise-proof banana protector case will not permit any obstruction to the appearance of your beautiful banana. You know truly that none of your colleagues really want to look at a piece of fruit that looks like it has just finished off a pub fight.

This banana keeper-safer  case is indeed one size fits all. No need to worry about the waist band of your banana: fat or slim, tall or small, this has been carefully desinged to take even the fattest and bendiest bananas. Size does not matter.

Not only is this great in terms preserving your banana’s physical appearance and taste, the banana will now feel safe on all of it’s journeys. Being stuffed in a bag for the last 6 hours of it’s life, you really should feel obliged to let it go peacefully.

Give your banana the best possible life, and enjoy the taste sweeter than ever.


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Last update was on: 22 March 2020 22:56
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