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App Controlled Kettle

Ah, the future. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries experts and visionaries made bold predictions about the future, and how life would be in the year 2000.

We were promised flying cars, interplanetary travel, and knowledge implanted directly into our brains. And here we now are, in already the second decade of this century, and what did we get? A remote controlled kettle.

Now, to be fair, this kettle is much, much more than just remote controlled. It is in fact a truly intelligent piece of technology that will change your life – for the better! And once you have it, you won’t want to live without it.

Everyone knows the feeling. You want a cup of tea. After getting up and putting the kettle on, you then face a difficult decision: do you stand next to the kettle while waiting for it to boil, or do you go back to what you were doing before, only to forget about the kettle… then have to put it on again because its gone cold.

The designers of the iKettle have clearly faced this problem many times, as it inspired them to make the world’s first WiFi Kettle. And what they came up with is something that will change your life.

When you wake up, this kettle will ask you if you need hot water. When you get home, it will ask you again. On the toilet and get a sudden craving for a cup of tea? No bother – put the kettle on from the comfort of your porcelain throne.  If you don’t already drink a lot of hot drinks now, you can be guaranteed that you will once you get the wifi kettle.

The modern app controlled kettle experience doesn’t finish once the kettle has boiled – it simply gives you even more control over your brew. Receive a reminder to your phone to tell you that your water has boiled. If you can’t pour your cuppa right then, choose to keep the water hot with a simple push of a button, and pour your drink when you are ready for it.

Of course, even this truly great invention has its weakness – you do have to fill it up manually, which means two things:

  1. If the kettle is empty, you will have to get up to fill it yourself before turning it on, rendering a good part of the kettle’s remote features useless.
  2. Even if you do have water in it, chances are you have already boiled it at least once, maybe twice. Tea snobs who insist on only using freshly drawn water in their brews will not be impressed.


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