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Thai BBQ Grill -13%

  • Thai BBQ Grill

    Make dinner parties a little special and a lot of fun with this fantastic way to cook around the table.

    £129.00 £149.00 CHECK IT OUT!
    Electronic Kitchen Safe

  • Electronic Kitchen Safe

    Want to remove distractions from your life? Or maybe keep treats away from your kids? You need an Electric Kitchen Safe.

    1-Day Delivery
    Champagne Bong

  • Champagne Bong

    Bored of drinking your Champagne from a flute? Make drinking your favourite bubbly fast and fun with this new glass.

    1-Day Delivery
    Mini Personal Raclette

  • Mini Personal Raclette

    Rustle up a gourmet cheese feast for one anywhere, anytime, in just a few mouth-watering minutes.

    £9.78 £9.99 CHECK IT OUT!
    Muffin Top Muffin Cases -42%

  • Muffin Top Muffin Cases

    It’s time to celebrate the bulge: muffin tops have never been so desirable! And what’s more, these ones even remind us of certain cute and annoying yellow minions.

    £7.09 £12.99 CHECK IT OUT!
    BB-8 Mug

  • BB-8 Mug

    Your chance to befriend your very own loyal droid. What’s more, this one will serve you cups of tea.

    1-Day Delivery
    Perfect Drinkmaking Scales & App -52%

  • Perfect Drinkmaking Scales & App

    Create the perfect cocktail every time when you have your own digital bartender in your own home.

    £14.99 £29.99 CHECK IT OUT!
    1-Day Delivery
    Perfect Edge Brownie Tin -9%

  • Perfect Edge Brownie Tin

    Make a batch of yummy brownies with the same blissful ratio of gooeyness to chewiness in each one, by using a baking tin which conveniently divides baking into individual, uniform portions. Easy to make, easy to clean, easy to eat… this pan is a clearly a winner.

    £10.90 £11.95 CHECK IT OUT!
    1-Day Delivery
    Half ‘n’ Half Pie Tin -55%

  • Half ‘n’ Half Pie Tin

    Can't decide which kind of pie to bake? Make both! Cater to everyone’s tastes and dietary requirements by making two different pies in the same clever tin.

    £9.26 £20.60 CHECK IT OUT!
    Personalised Rolling Pin

  • Personalised Rolling Pin

    Get your hands on a beautiful, personalised rolling pin and start rolling out scrumptious baking - all beautifully earmarked with your unique pattern.

    3D Pikachu Mug and Saucer Set

  • 3D Pikachu Mug and Saucer Set

    Pikachu will happily hold your hot drinks and snacks for you while you melt in the presence of his cuteness.

    1-Day Delivery
    Superfast Magical Defrosting Tray

  • Superfast Magical Defrosting Tray

    Defrost your frozen foods 10 times faster by using this defrosting tray. Natural and hygienic, with no electricity or chemicals used - just magic 😉

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