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VW Beetle Sofa

vw beetle sofa

VW Beetle Sofa Red
The classic Beetle becomes a sofa
VW Beetle Sofa

VW Beetle Sofa

Heyyy, Baby! Have you been searching for the perfect sofa to complement your Swingin’ Sixties interior? That shag carpet is fab, but it’s so hard to find the matching lounge setting to really make your living room pop! Well the VW Beetle Sofa is here to save the day!

Harnessing the iconic German design of the Volkswagen Beetle, complete with racing-striped seat covers in soft and comfortable faux leather vinyl, this VW Beetle Sofa is a must for any fan of the wildest and most happenin’ decade around! Whether you’re obsessed with Herbie the Love Bug, dress entirely in 1960s Vintage Fashion, or wish you were Austin Powers, sinking into this amazing sofa will immerse you in the vibe of the sexiest decade around! Don your mod mini dress and some thigh high platform boots, and lounge around in style. The VW Beetle Sofa is available in Red, Black, and Yellow, so you can match it to your décor no matter what the style!

If you’re more of a love child, with flowers in your hair, long flowing locks and a penchant for peasant dresses, decorate your living room in sunny colours, and complete the look with a sunshiny yellow VW Beetles Sofa. Or if you’re more into the London Look, go all out Mod baby, with a Red or Black sofa to complement your modernist design and fashion sense. Invite all your psychedelic friends over, and have a smashing time in your 60s styled house.

No boring, square sofas for your pad, this perfect replica of a VW Beetle is cast completely from resin, including the headlights bumper, and tyres, and the seat cushions are replicas of the VW’s classic interior, only made with vinyl, not leather, so your vegan friends can sit on them too! Pretty cool, man!

The VW Beetle Sofa is sure to impress car-lovers as well. Perhaps you’ve got a family member or friend who loves collecting car-shaped stuff. Well, this car-shaped sofa would be the crowing jewel of their collection! A comfy sofa to sit on, that’s also shaped like a car! Wow! This is the perfect gift for pretty much anyone. If you give this to someone, and they don’t like it…well… you know who to cross off the Christmas Card list. Only crazy people dislike VW Beetles, and only downright unpleasant people dislike VW Beetle shaped sofas. You can thank us later! Get the Fun Police out of your life, and bring the Fun to your living room with this fab-o-riffic VW Beetle Sofa! Yeah, baby!

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