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Smart LED Panel Lighting


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Nanoleaf – Light Panels Smarter Kit - Original 9x Panels

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Smart LED Panel Lighting

Nothing affects the mood in a room as much as atmospheric lighting. A simple, soft-glowing lamp can instantly change a bare, sanitary, white-washed room into a welcoming space of coziness and comfort. What an achievement for a unpresuming little light-emitting device! And if such small lamps can make such a drastic change, imagine what a whole collection of futuristic, fully controllable and softly glowing lights can do…

Fully controllable smart lighting system
Hassle-free installation with easy-to-use mounting strips
The lighting for the truly intelligent home

Here is that ultimate collection: a set of 9 triangular panels that glow at whatever colour and brightness you want, with a modular design that can be arranged on your walls in whatever way you want. A truly stunning and soothing work of art! The panels are all tunable, so if you are one of those people who actively enjoys brilliant, eyeball-dazzling white light as well as a cozier soft glow, and whether you like your panels all glowing in sync or each one emitting it’s own shade of the rainbow, you can have it all! You can even a set with a module that syncs your lights and music for extra atmospheric amazingness!

Choose from literally millions of colour options, with each panel glowing in sync or indepent of the others thanks to a clever controlling system. Not only can you select your colour choices from a mind-boggling array of choices (16.7 million, to be exact), but you can also decide exactly the kind of white light you’d like…

smart led panel lighting 2Want your room bathed in the optimistic first rays of the sunrise? Your wish is these panels’ command. Or perhaps you want that soft, sleepy effect of a rainy day? Say the word, and it’s done. Or would you rather be blinded by brilliant daylight that penetrates even into the depths of your dark and windowless little cave? This lighting system will make you feel that the Sun himself has arrived at your humble little abode.

This lighting system partners with iOS and Alexa to be completely controllable by voice. If voice control isn’t your cup of tea, the lights can also be controlled via their own app, or by the no-fuss included controller. No additional external hub or bridge is needed: these glowing miracles just do their thing via humanity’s ever present wi-fi. Truly the perfect interior accessories for the intelligent home.


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Last update was on: 7 January 2021 01:00

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