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Screaming Halloween Door Mat


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Halloween Screaming Doormat Floor Sensor Noise Touch Activated Scary Sounds

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Screaming Halloween Door Mat

What better way to greet guests at the door than with some hideous screams and ominous rumblings of thunder? Whether your visitors are welcome or unwelcome, now you can unsettle them before they even enter the house.

Battery-operated – place anywhere you want
Hides neatly under a regular doormat
Touch activated for perfectly timed screeches

Want to create that perfectly scary atmosphere? Don’t forget the audio to your spooky set-up! And remember that an effective scare is all to do with perfect timing. And there can hardly be a better timed moment than when visitors are innocently approaching the door and reaching for that doorbell.

Just imagine them strolling up the path to the door, thinking of nice Halloween party, when all of a sudden out of the darkness comes a hideous screech, followed by a bone-chilling warning: “Enter at your own risk!”. What’s even better is that they won’t have a clue where that scream is coming from. The screaming doormat hides under the regular doormat and starts screaming when it senses a victim – how perfectly sneaky!

The doormat is battery operated, so you can place it wherever you want without being tied down with cables and sockets. Just lay it under whatever doormat is already on duty at the door, and it’s touch-activated speaker will make scary sounds every time someone steps on it. Audio includes a perfect soundtrack of screaming, sounds of rumbling thunder, and the warnings “Enter at your own risk!” and “Welcome to the haunted house!”


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Last update was on: 26 February 2020 01:42

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