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Insect Repellent Candles

If you are one of those people prone to the irritations brought on by the warmer weather’s annual insect invasion, then these candles are for you.

This is a British-made insecticidal tea-light that has won deserved praise wherever it has been used.  Popular in places of public entertainment across continental Europe, such as restaurants, theatres, night-clubs and bars, it keeps insects well and truly under control with a vapour that fills a 30 square metre room in just 30 minutes.  In practice it kills just about every known insect in minutes with a tried and tested insecticidal formula that is totally harmless to human beings, mammals, birds, reptiles and fish.

Insect Repellent Candles look like a traditional tea-light.  And that in effect is exactly what it is.  Once lit, you place the tea-light back in its tin with the special Scentrel ring just above it.  The combination of the attractive glow (and warmth) from the tea-light and the Scentrel ring emits a vapour that does the job very fast indeed.

And bearing in mind that, generally speaking, we in the UK suffer far fewer insect problems than our continental neighbours, it’s easy to see how this clever little device will make life so much more pleasant for those of us who do suffer at the hands, or should I say, mandibles of midges, mosquitoes, house flies, and even bed bugs.


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