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Radfan Classic Medium - Low Power Radiator Fan

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Radiator Fan

British homes are legendarily cold, and not all of that fame is due to drafty windows and doors. The bad positioning of radiators often causes inefficient flows of warm air to the ceiling or outdoors. Redirect that warm air to where it’s needed and make your cold room a cosy home again – and save on those massive energy bills!

Efficiently redirects warm air to where it’s needed
Fits  most small and large radiators
Low power technology uses very little power to run

The problem with British houses is that they are often cold, despite elaborate central heating systems and high fuel bills.Perhaps the greatest mystery of house design on these isles is the fact that radiators are placed almost religiously under the windows of the house. Seriously – who’s genius idea was that?

A significant portion of the warm air produced by our expensive heating systems leaks out into the great outdoors instead of warming up the room, and even if you have state-of-the-art triple glazed windows with 100% efficient seals, what happens when night falls and you draw your curtains over the windows – and trap your radiator even more?

As well as helpfully aiding warm air escape outside, the positioning of radiators also channels that precious air to other equally useless areas – like the ceiling, for example. Since hot air rises, warm air emanating from radiators floats along the walls to the ceiling and gets trapped there. Ever wondered why your toes are cold, even though the heating is on full blast? Most likely your precious warmth is flowing somewhere useless instead of where you actually need it.

Thankfully there is no need to call the builder or plumber to come rebuild the house or shuffle the radiators around, as there is a far simpler solution to making your heating more efficient! Just pop this genius fan, low power fan on top of your radiator, and it will blow the warm air into the centre of the room where it’s really needed. It is fully automatic, switching on when the radiator warms up, and switching off again when the radiator is off. So you can just leave it to do its business while you get on with your [warmer] life. Easy self-installation with no professionals required.

Goodbye, cold room! Hello, warm toes!


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Radfan Classic - Low Power Radiator Fan
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Last update was on: 25 June 2022 11:41

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