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Portable Standing Desk  

How many hours a day do you spend sat at a desk, hunching your poor but vital spine, cutting off blood circulation and denying your weakening muscles the exercise and posture they so desperately need to keep your body flexible and healthy? Probably too many, especially if your work keeps you desk-bound for the majority of your day… so why not try standing instead?

Perfect height for working while standing
Fully foldable and transportable
Transform from flat-pack to desk in just a few minutes

In case you didn’t know, standing is the new in, especially when working at a table for long hours. At first, it may seem like an odd thing to do – who wants to stand for hours when they could leisurely perch their posterior on a comfy chair instead? But think about it. Who wants to keep their poor bodies scrunched over in unnatural positions, straining and wasting away muscles, when they could be promoting a healthier lifestyle, good posture, and better circulation?

Even without considering the health benefits, some people just outright prefer standing to sitting. There’s a reason many companies have started holding standing meetings, and many individuals are turning to standing as they work away long hours at the computer, drawing board, or other work and creativity tasks that are desk-bound.

This nifty cardboard table is the perfect standing height, and what’s more, it’s fully portable. Need a change of scenery? Want to exploit your creative potential as much as possible? Fold it up and carry it to whatever environment or location you want, and you’ll be all set for brain cells and circulation and blood to flow freely.

Weighing just 8.2kg and folding into a flat-pack slab with a carry handle slot, it transforms in minutes to a full sized standing table, making it the ideal desk for moving around and setting up quickly. Even better, it’s made from strong 100% recycled cardboard, scoring points with both the environment as well as human health.

Don’t be fooled by the cardboard element: it’s strong, rigid, and can support loads up to 85kg – and you can decorate and customise it with pens, paper, or paint.


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