Pixelated World Monument Wall Stickers

pixelated world monument wall stickers

STICKAZ Monumet Wall Stickers
You like to travel ? We invite you to the Stickaz worldwide tour of the greatest monuments and towers. What's cheaper than a plane ticket to New-York? A Stickaz of the Statue of Liberty!
Pixelated World Monument Wall Stickers

Pixelated World Monument Wall Stickers

Are you a globe-trotter? Do you have a bucket list of super famous world sights you want to see? Are you a lover of the glorious pixelated past? Do you have boring walls or surfaces just crying out for a bit of exotic decoration? Well, these stickers have literally got you covered…

Choose from a large selection of famous monuments from around the world
Easily attach to walls and other smooth surfaces
Cheaper than actually traveling the world

Nowadays when everything is adopting some posh new form of  HD, Retina, or even 5K screen, we could think that higher and higher resolutions are the only way to enjoy the world.

But we know better, don’t we? Because low-resolution, pixelated images are the stuff of nostalgia and retro glory, and a reminder of the good old days. Take a look at these fantastic stickers, all giving off that simple and sophisticated old school  vibe – aren’t they just mind-blowingly full of black and white pixel squares? We can hardly contain our excitement at those little blocks stacked painstakingly on top of each in perfect harmony, creating unbelievable images to appear right before our eyes.

Stick one of these pixelated modern world wonders on the wall and not only will you be ticking global hotspots off the bucket list, but you’ll also feel like you’re part and parcel of a Super Mario, Pokemon or Tetris game from back in the day. Traveling the world and the past!  These are some seriously awesome stickers.

Pixelated monument stickers are available in over 30 famous monuments, including: Eiffel Tower, Burj Kalifa, Notre Dame, White House, Petronas Towers, Parthenon, Big Ben, Incheon Tower, Hagia Sofia, and much more…


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