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Origami Sticky Notes

Give your little sticky note lists a new lease of life! These notes feature origami instructions so that once you’ve finished with the note, you can fold into an aesthetically pleasing little paper critter or funky angular paper boat.

Each note includes instructions for an intricate origami creation
Turn your rubbish into treasure
10 designs, including the famous Japanese origami crane

If you think about it, there’s a lot to be said for practicing origami using old scraps of paper destined for the bin. After all, there’s no pressure to make things work out! They’re just scraps, right? But when that scrap turns into an amazing paper creation, suddenly you’ve got a precious work of art on your hands. Complete with sections of your scribbles and doodles peeking out from here and there. And that’s a very satisfying moment.

So grab a pad of these sticky notes and fill ‘em with scribbles and lists and doodles! And once you’re done with one sheet, it’s time to get folding. Each note has instructions on the back to help make the fiddly world of folding paper into a clear and straightforward process. There are 10 designs in total, including a boat, a squirrel, and the famous crane. And with 100 notes per pad, you’ll certainly have opportunity to practice and perfect your technique.

We think the multi-purpose nature of these small pieces of paper is great. Use them for writing, and then for releasing that satisfying creative spirit. Reduce, re-use, and recyle with the best of them! We won’t blame you, though, if you’re tempted to skip the writing part altogether and just get folding and creating already…


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Last update was on: 27 March 2020 17:12

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