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Metal Pipe Shelf Brackets


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KING DO WAY 2pcs 9x13cm Industrial Iron Pipes Shelf Bracket Wall Mounted Floating Shelf Hanging Wall Hardware Steampunk Decor for...

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Metal Pipe Shelf Brackets

Got a bland wall crying out for some character? Or a cool hideaway that needs some equally splendid shelves? Ditch the clean white shelves and add some real character to the room!! These cool shelf brackets look like old vintage pipes straight out of an intriguing old Victorian building just waiting to be explored…

Heavy duty iron wall brackets
Includes screws for fitting
For that vintage, industrial look

So you’ve got some iconic books, a precious photo frame, and a cute new potted plant to display on your wall, but a bland mass-produced shelf just isn’t the thing for your décor. It’s time to add some instant steampunk class with these industrial shelf brackets!

Looking like sections of pipe or plumbing from back in the day when the industrial world was more mechanical than electrical, and craftsmen sold metal items in little street corner shops instead of monstrous global warehouses, these shelf supports give off that vintage feeling like no measly bit of mass-produced chipboard can.

Unless, of course, that measly bit of mass-produced chipboard is fastened onto these most sophisticated industrial wall brackets. Which is the beauty of these versatile supports: you can use whatever material you want for the shelf itself! A odd-sized plank leftover from other carpentry activities; a bit of curious driftwood picked up from a stroll on the beach, or an old shelf begging for a new lease of life… these sturdy iron brackets can take it, and turn that material into a rugged and beautiful work of art of its own.

Use each bracket separately to form two cute mini shelves, or both together for one longer shelf supported by two “pipes”. Whatever the look you’re aiming for, these brackets will give you the custom made results just perfect for your décor of choice.


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Last update was on: 27 February 2020 16:37

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