Mechanical Steampunk Light Switch


steampunk light switch

Steampunk Gear Light Switch Cover w/ Lever. Steel Industrial Modern Metal Wall Art Sculpture.

Mechanical antique effect light switch cover.


Mechanical Steampunk Light Switch

Mechanical Steampunk Light Switch

Fuse the glorious Victorian past with the comforts of your modern house through this delightful switch plate, which fixes simply over an existing light switch.

Beautifully crafted from brass and plywood
Attaches easily over existing light switch
Intricate Victorian style engraved detail

In this age of modern technology and minimalism, the fascinating inner mechanisms of gadgets are far too often hidden away under sleek covers and moulded plastic. That, however, is not the case with this fantastic mechanical piece, which lays out its inner workings clearly for all to see. Feast your eyes on man’s ingenuity, ponder the past, and become one with the industrial revolution as you flick your lights on and off. It’s a perfect, daily, hands-on experience, and is also bound to be quite the conversation piece in your home.

The switch plate is crafted from brass and plywood, with a laser cut, Victorian-style engraving. It includes screws for installation, and fits most standard-sized light switches. Simply affix over an existing toggle switch plate, and Bob’s your uncle. Easy.

As this switch is designed for US style switches, you will probably need to install a toggle switch for this to work. See below for what you need…

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