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Gift Republic Llama Duster Desktop Cleaning Pet

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Llama Duster

You probably hate dusting with a passion – and who doesn’t? But one look at this happy, hairy and unbelievably pink face out on a cleaning mission will melt the hardest anti-dusting heart.

Definitely the pinkest thing you’ve seen all day
Clean right into nooks, crannies and corners with that bendable neck
Mesmerising gravity (and dust) defying hair

Yuck, dusting. It’s about the most boring and pointless household chore ever invented. Who even bothers with a spot of harmless dust anymore anyway? That kind of fuss belongs in old period dramas. You know, with strict masters and mistresses who have nothing better to do than patrol the house with a white gloved hand, looking for specks of dust so that they can tell-off some poor housekeeper.

Or so one might think. But this cheerful, hairy creature has an altogether different take on this understandably detested household task. In fact, he likes nothing better than stretching out his long limbs and ample llama neck to to swipe over a picture frame and eat that dust like nobody’s business. Just look at that beaming face! Have you ever seen a being as contented and full of inner peace and joy as this long-necked quadruped from the Andes? This, dear audience, is the real magic of dusting, finally uncovered and revealed to you by the pinkest, happiest, and most flexible llama around.

His body has evolved so perfectly for the art of cleaning that it is a sheer joy to the beholders to watch this animal at work. His neck can bend 90 degrees from his torso, forming a handy L shape to reach around corners. His whole body can stretch out in one incredible straight line to reach the highest nooks and crannies. His hair grows in a glorious, gravity-defying poof in all directions, letting no speck of nasty dust escape. And his little llama face, radiating peace and love and sunshine and rainbows, is an eternal reminder to focus on what’s really important in life and to enjoy every blessed moment. He’s basically a little life guru who even cleans the house for you. Is that not mind-boggling?


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Last update was on: 4 November 18 18:33

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