Light Side / Dark Side Switch Stickers


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Epic Modz Star Wars Light Side Dark Side Light Switch Vinyl Decal Sticker, Black

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Light Side / Dark Side Switch Stickers

Emoji, emoticons, smileys – whatever you want to call ‘em, these expressive yellow coasters are the new face of the coffee table.

Transform a mundane lightswitch into a wonderfully geeky centrepiece
Reflect on love, hatred, evil and the Force while turning on the lights
Easy application stickers suitable for most light switch plates

Yoda was pretty set on training up Luke Skywalker for the Light Side. Darth Vader, of course, was convinced it was Luke’s destiny to join him on the Dark Side. And in all of this, what did poor little Luke himself think? Sticking to one side was pretty hard sometimes, especially when the hate and desire for revenge challenged the fear of falling forever into the evilness of the dark side.

If only Luke had this light switch. Then he wouldn’t have had to worry so much about making the wrong decision and being forever trapped in the hatred and evil of the wrong side. Just a little flick of a switch would have rectified any mistakes made…

Now, what about you? Thought that you could only choose darkness or light in your life? Some of us a creatures of the day, and others are quite clearly creatures of the night. The same applies to those who use the Force. Will they use it for good or evil? Will they fight valiantly for the Light Side, or fall into the evils and viciousness of the Dark Side? So which do you prefer? What about that other human who occupies the same room? Now all beings can have it their way, by just simply flicking a switch. Time for some Light? Excellent, turn on those lights! Feeling the pull to the Dark Side? Simple – just flick back to the darkness. Everybody wins!

These decal stickers feature Yoda, Darth Vader, and the texts “Light Side” and “Dark Side” all perfectly cut from vinyl and waiting to adorn your light switch. Easy to apply and remove, the decals are sized to fit most standard light switch plates.

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