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Indoor Allotment


indoor allotment

Indoor Allotment - Basil, Coriander and Oregano Seeds, Scissors and Plant Pots

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Indoor Allotment

Start your own culinary revolution today, in your very own kitchen!

You love your white and beige, French Provincial / Minimalist décor. Just the right touch of cute whimsy while being clutter free. The only regret you have is not having a garden- Jamie’s Food Revolution is so In right now, and you’d love to sprinkle freshly chopped chives on your chef-prepared eggs hollandaise, while proclaiming smugly to your friends via Instagram of the beauty of home grown, organic produce #cleaneating. Sadly, gardens are messy and disgusting, havens for dirt, bacteria, fungi, and animal life of many forms. You just can’t bring yourself to have one, preferring your modern tiled terrace and pots of succulents to actual foliage.

How you long for a clean, indoor, controllable solution to this quandary! Fortunately, the White Picket Fence Indoor Allotment solves all these problems for you in one go.

This quaint little planter is shaped like a white picket fenced allotment, complete with adorable tool shed and room for three pots of herbs. You can use three staples of kitchen cuisine, like parsley, chives, and rosemary, or rotate depending on the culinary trends of the day. Thai basil and coriander when you’ve just arrived back from a ‘business’ holiday to Thailand, or thyme, tarragon and fennel if you’re taking French cooking classes. Either way, you’ll have fresh, ‘home grown’ herbs on demand, without any of the nasty mess or inconvenience of an actual garden. And your herb pots are easily replaceable, unlike that budgie you had last year.

If you forget to water them, over water them, or pull them out by their roots in a fit of manic rage because they insist on growing asymmetrically, a simple trip to Tesco and your garden is brimming with life again!

This kit has everything the aspiring urban gardener needs to get started growing your own crops today – Basil, Oregano, and Coriander, all in your own home. The Indoor Allotment, complete with picket fence, herb snippers, and a tool ‘shed’, also includes all seeds and equipment needed for the 21st century urban farmer to grow and harvest their first produce.


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Last update was on: 25 March 2020 05:27
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