Giant Anglepoise Floor Lamp


giant anglepoise lamp

Giant Original 1227 Giant Floor Lamp

Originally created for the Roald Dahl Museum as a tribute to the author’s passion for the lamp he used at his writing desk, this larger-than-life, triple-scale version of the ...

Giant Anglepoise Floor Lamp

Available in 12 different colours
Originally created for the Roald Dahl Museum

What’s funnier than a comically large, ridiculously, mind-bogglingly huge lamp? The answer is nothing. Brighten up your home with a Giant Anglepoise Floor Lamp, and never have to eat a carrot again as long as you live!

Standing at a monstrous 2.7m, the Anglepoise is a comical yet useful addition to your home. The original, smaller version of the Anglepoise was designed by George Carwardine, an engineering designer by trade, way back in the 1930s, and the same design is still used to this day! If that doesn’t tell you something about the durability and quality of the Anglepoise then I don’t know what will.

The first ‘giant’ Anglepoise was first created as a one-off for the Roald Dahl museum, as he wrote many of his great pieces of work guided by the light of a regular Anglepoise lamp. Many more were then produced, and the line was so successful that it has now become a staple Anglepoise product. The nature of the mechanical design means that you can angle the lamp exactly in the position that you wish, and it will stay in place.

Perfect for a bit of bedtime reading!


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