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Lockabox One | Compact and hygienic lockable box for food, medicines and household items

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Fridge Locker

Want to keep that emergency chocolate away from the other half? Or stop your housemates from pinching your milk? Or keep medicine and scissors away from children or vulnerable adults? This portable, lockable box is fridge and freezer proof, and fab for keeping items in shared spaces safely out of reach.

3-digit combination lock
Strong and lightweight polycarbonate plastic
Available in see-through and opaque versions

This is a truly genius box that will instantly prove itself invaluable in any household. It’s a compact, no-nonsense design that locks your precious stuff out of the reach of prying hands. If those around you can’t (or won’t) respect boundaries, it’s time for this simple and effective safe to do it for you!

Maybe you live in shared accommodation and others keep helping themselves to your stuff. It’s clearly time to stick your food in this safe. It’s fridge and freezer proof, easy to clean, and it will definitely keep your grub from ending up in someone else’s mouth. You might even want one for the bathroom, if your shampoo and shower gel keeps running out suspiciously quickly…

If you live or work with children, grab yourself several of these lockers! They’ll soon be put use keeping all kinds of things away from curious wee hands. Worried about the children getting into the medicine cupboard? Or grabbing the scissors or stapler when you’re not around? Or even getting their hands on that new makeup you bought yesterday and smearing it all over the kitchen wall? Give yourself peace of mind and pile all those items into a kiddy-proof safe. It’s even easy to carry, so you can take all these things with you on that next holiday or field trip!

Similarly, the box is also helpful for people caring for vulnerable adults. If someone needs to be kept away from allergenic foods, medicines, washing powder, batteries and other potentially harmful things, just stash all those items in here. The box is stackable, so if you get several you can organize everything you need into a safe and compact block of different lockers.

It’s also handy for the workplace. Never let anyone steal your pens again…. You can stick private documents and electronic devices inside, and the nifty ventilation slots even let you charge your phones and tablets while they’re in there. If you’ve got a router and don’t want anyone messing with it, just stick it inside the box, slip the cables through one of the slots, and it will be safe and sound.

There are many more uses for this fab safe! Lock away tablets and phones at night to establish a healthy technology boundaries for children and teens. Put the biscuits and chocolate out of reach of the person who always gives in to temptation. Whether it’s for healthcare, education, the workplace, or your own home, this box will establish safe boundaries where needed.

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Last update was on: 23 February 2021 19:05

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