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Folding Wooden Step Stool


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Puhlmann James Foldable Wooden Stool

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Folding Wooden Step Stool

You need an extra step around the house sometimes, but you don’t have a lot of space. So let us introduce you to the space-saving, foot-gripping, height-increasing foldable wooden stool.

Folding beechwood stool
Compact and easy storage when not in use
Grippy surface for safety

A little stool is one of the handiest things you can have in your home. It’s not just little people that need an extra bit of height! Even the tallest adult sometimes needs a bit of help to reach awkward nooks and crannies. The thing with stools, though, is that sometimes you need them, and sometimes you don’t. And when you don’t need them, they’re always annoyingly kicking about in the way of everything else. Which is particularly irritating if you didn’t have much space to begin with.

But that is not the case with this little wooden gem. Showcasing Dutch design, it’s fully foldable, which makes it a very considerate helper around the home. If you don’t want it lying about, or only need it every now and then, just fold it up all neat and compact and stash it away somewhere. A place for everything, and everything in its place, and all that!

The design is sturdy and sophisticated, featuring anti-slip pads on top to keep feet from sliding about when in use. Because no one likes slipping about when they’re straining to reach that top shelf, do they? There’s also a convenient slot in the top surface, to slip your hand through for easy carrying. Made of strong beechwood, this gorgeous stool will look good in any house and will carry out its duties for a long time to come.


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Last update was on: 30 March 2020 18:54

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