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Floating Superhero Bookshelf


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Artori Design - Supershelf Floating Bookshelf

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Floating Superhero Bookshelf

It’s not a bird or a plane – it’s a noble mini superhero here to keep your books safe with his gravity-defying superpowers!

Keep books safe with a superhuman helping hand
Holds up to 3.5kg of precious literature
Awesome illusion of floating superhero and books

It’s not all about brawn and amazing supernatural ability, as even the strongest superhero knows. Knowledge, wisdom and mental strength are all crucial aspects for anyone out there saving the world. And reading is the key to knowledge. And that’s why this little metal superhero has come to save your books from a disastrous fall – he knows just how valuable they are!

The bookshelf features a smart floating design, allowing the actual metal shelf to be hidden between the cover and first (or last) page of whatever book is first placed on it. Mister superhero himself has a magnet in his hand, so he can then attach himself to the metal shelf through the cover of the first book. More books, up to a total maximum weight of 3.5kg, can then be stacked on the shelf to hide the rest of the metal base, leaving the illusion of being held up by the little black silhouette suspended below.

The result is the awesome sight of a courageous mini superhero holding all those books in the air, seemingly his raw superpower alone keeping the precious literature from tumbling through space to a horrible end…

The supershelf can be hung on the wall with two screws, and is made of sleek painted black metal.


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Last update was on: 28 November 2018 13:07

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