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Fairy Light Curtains


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Curtain Light,CORST® 2M x 2M Warm White Curtain Fairy Lights Waterfall Window Light Icicle Fairy Lights,204 LED,8Modes, Safety Voltage For...

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Fairy Light Curtains

Turn any space or occasion into a warm and inviting place! This fairy light curtain features a whopping 204 softly glowing lights, which can twinkle, flash or glow steadily according to what you want. String up anywhere for a transforming touch of glowing magic.

Stunning waterfall curtain effect
204 LED lights with 8 different light modes to choose from
Waterproof and cold resistant

Proper mood lighting can instantly transform a bland wall or uninviting space. If you want to turn a cold or boring area into a warm and welcoming one, or add a touch of cosy mood lighting anywhere, these fairy lights are exactly what you need.

Connected at the top but falling down in a waterfall of individual strings, the entire set measures an impressive 2 square metres. Featuring a grand total of 204 softly glowing LED lights, there is certainly plenty to play with. Easily installed, this curtain can be hung almost anywhere, and then just plugged in and turned on, and there you have it! Instant magic.

The lights are waterproof, and designed to withstand cold winter temperatures. This makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They also use very little power, and thanks to their LED nature, each light will also last a very, very long time.

The curtains are available in either a bright white or a warm white colour. And with eight different light modes and a controller, you can select exactly the kind of lighting you like. Choose from twinkle effects, a slow fade, a steady glow, and many other options. There’s even a remote control option available. And the great thing is that the light cables are made from clear plastic, which is almost invisible and will not clash with its surroundings.

Tie the strings of light back for a drawn curtain effect, drape them over trees or other objects, or let them hang loose over your entire window. Alternatively, cover your ceiling with a sky of twinkling lights. Or cover over a boring wall, or convert the useless space under the stairs or shelf into a feature of the room. You can also hang them from the balcony, from the roof.

That makes these lights great for transforming that uni accommodation into a cosy little nest, or adding a touch of atmosphere to a cafe, or decorating a wedding venue with a soft, romantic touch, for getting your house ready for Christmas, for converting a drab wall into a spectacular display of light… the options are endless!

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Last update was on: 7 January 2021 20:48

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